Jumpr is the future of roadside assistance aiming to be the fastest service in the market – developed as a peer to peer
on-demand platform to simplify a speedy recovery for all drivers in need.



Don't Get Stuck!

Real Time Roadside Support Made Easy!

Dead Battery? Flat Tire? Out of Gas?

Jumpr service providers are available to get you back on the road within: 10 mins or less!


      Jumpr technologies has set an aggressive -yet- simple goal for ourselves:

      To be the quickest on-demand roadside assistance provider for drivers nationwide

      with minor maintenance issues covered by our expeditious peer-to-peer platform.

      For Your Information


      On-Demand Driver Database: Uber, Lyft, Postmates etc. (with Jumpr retaining 20%)


      Insurance/Communications Company: AAA, GEICO, Progressive, AllState, State Farm,
      American Family or Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T


      Members Only VIP Assistance with red carpet assistance anywhere on the road you may be!

      Why Would People Use Jumpr?

      Speed! Yes, you may have your roadside assistance with your insurance company, but I can guarantee it will take at least: 35 minutes to get to you. Jumpr has a: 10 minutes promise from the moment you request road side support.

      Big Picture

      As a middle market service, we are positioning ourselves right below the radar of mainstream technological interest or advancement. We like to say Jumpr is one of those; ‘Duh, why didn’t I think of that’ ideas that most people are already familiar with and wouldn’t want to risk-not-using the service for any immediate or small maintenance issues.


      Jumpr technology is not an insurance company, we are middle market peer to peer service provider that assist drivers unforeseen circumstance.

      Death Battery?

      Jumpr providers will be to you quicker than any one else backed by our

      10 Minutes guarantee!

      Flat Tire?

      Have a spare tire but don’t know where it is or how to change it? No spare tire at all?

      Jumpr is there to quickly help you get back on the road!

      Out of Gas?

      Unleaded x Supreme x Premium

      Relax... Jumpr has you covered!

      Members Card

      Unlimited carwashes for our monthly subscribers at perticipating partners locations

      Jumpr uses $2/mth subscription business model for users to access immediate support for any unforseen situations on the road.